Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Place

Our wedding is being held at the fabulous Performance Works theatre on incredible Granville Island (not actually an island) in fantastic Vancouver in Super, Natural British Columbia.

Performance Works is a lovely concrete cube, complete with coat check, clean bathrooms, and a patio area ringed in cherry trees which ought to be blossoming when you get there.

Performance Works does not offer valet parking, concierge service, or a sense of majesty, however, we will have an open bar, which isn't something you'll always find at those hoity-toity hotel weddings, is it? That's because hotels charge $7 an ounce for their highballs, while we'll be free-pouring booze we got at the liquor store.

Here's a link to our map that shows where everything is:

View Erin and Ben's Wedding Map in a larger map

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